Corporate Governance Consulting

We are a consultancy focused on corporate governance and other consultancy services, with headquarters in London. We work with boards and executives of financial institutions, companies and non-profit organisations to improve decision making, organisational structures, controls and incentives. We aim to maintain a very high standard of independence and have no professional relationship with our clients other than supporting them in designing, assessing, implementing and embedding effective governance.

Whether an organisation is publicly listed or owned by the state, a family, a founding entrepreneur, or a private equity fund, well-designed corporate governance improves performance:

  • It enhances the board’s role as a strategic contributor to a business planning and risk management;
  • It assigns decision-making authority at the right level within the organisation;
  • It ensures that delegation of authority is matched by adequate controls;
  • It improves information flows within the organisation and towards the market;
  • It achieves alignment between shareholders, the board, executives and employees in the pursuit of company objectives.